Village Mornings

Village Mornings

Village Mornings starts at 9:30am every Sunday.

It’s a gathering for everyone, with uplifting singing, warm relationships, and solid bible teaching (accompanied with kids and youth programs that run parallel to the gathering).

What should I expect?
When you arrive, you can expect to be greeted by some friendly Villagers, checked in, and offered a hot beverage (it’s free for first-timers) before the gathering starts. We’ll sing some songs, then hear the latest Village News before children and youth are invited to their programs as the gathering continues with prayer, teaching from the Bible, and a time for questions and comments. Then hang around afterwards for morning tea and a chat (while the kids go wild on the play equipment).

In the end, Village Mornings is on about being real- in our relationships, and in our need for Jesus. We’re here for everyone- people who are just starting to check out who Jesus is, as well as those who are wanting to grow in authentic relationship with Him as Lord and Saviour.


What should I wear?
Jesus beckons all people to ‘come as they are’, so we do the same. Most people at Village dress casually, but let’s be honest, everyone’s a little different. Jeans and t-shirts are just fine, but so are capes, suits, and all sorts of dress.


What if I’ve got kids?
At Village Mornings, we host a number of kids and youth programs that run in parallel to the gathering. We have these because we believe in age-appropriate teaching, and that Jesus is for everyone (children and teenagers as well!). For this reason, we start our gatherings together, and after the Village News segment, we invite children and youth to their various kids programs.

After the gathering, our trained leaders will bring the kids back from their programmes, and you’ll be able to collect them at the back of the auditorium.

To find out more about Village Kids during Mornings, click here.
For more info about Village Youth during Mornings, click here.


Will I be asked for money?
At Village, we want to make everyone (especially our guests) feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why we don’t take an offering during our gathering (but if anyone does want to contribute, we have a perspex box in the Auditorium, or giving can be done online as well).


Plan a visit
To help you settle in and feel at home, we’d love to show you around, shout you a coffee on the house, and introduce you to some friends at Village.

Fill out your details below, and let us know you’ll be visiting Village Mornings. We’d love to get in touch beforehand, and meet you as you come.

See you soon!