Get connected

Get connected

At Village Church, we believe that life is better together.

We take it seriously whenever someone is ready to connect into community, because Jesus is heart of our belonging.

The bible tells us that while we were still in sin, scattered and far away from God, Christ died for us and gathered us to God, and into His family.

So we’ve been made part of God’s family- His church. And therefore, we welcome and enjoy being in community because Jesus first welcomed us to himself, and drew us near to God. That’s why we’d love to invite you to belong with us as well, because Jesus has gathered us to Himself.


Village Life

Village Life is for people who are considering calling Village their home.

It’s an initiative to welcome and connect new people to Village warmly, and meaningfully into Village life over four weeks. You’ll get to meet some of our team, enjoy hanging out, hear about some of the things that we care about, and then jump into a Community Group if you like what you hear.

To learn more, and to RSVP click here: Village Life.


Community Groups

Community groups are like the unseen heartbeat of our church.

They are safe, warm, and intimate groups which meet together weekly in people’s houses all around the Inner West. In our groups, we study God’s Word together, pray together, and care for each other, as we seek to grow deeply in our relationships with God.

Because Community Groups are such a key part of the Village community, we ask everyone to be part of Village Life before joining a Community Group. We believe that this is the best way that we can help people connect into church life, and understand what we believe as a church before they commit to joining us on mission.

To learn more, email: