Village Evenings

Village Evenings

Village Evenings is on at 6:00pm every Sunday.

It’s a relaxed gathering, with good music, solid preaching, and friendships over a hearty meal afterward.

What’s it like?
When you rock up, you’ll be welcomed by some friendly Villagers, be invited to check in, and get to hang out before we kick off. Then, once we’ve started, we’ll sing some songs, pray, and engage with God’s Word through a Bible talk. There’ll be a chance to ask questions or make comments (but feel free to sit back and relax if you’d like), before we wrap off the night with hearty, but affordable, food.


What we care about
At Evenings, what we’re on about is being authentic- in how we relate to God, and in our friendships with each other.

We’re a vibrant, welcoming, and creative community- and just like the Inner West, everyone’s a little different. Some of us are still working out who Jesus is, while others of us are looking to grow in how we live for him.


Plan a visit
To help you settle in and feel comfy, we’d love to welcome you, and help you make some friends at Evenings.

If you’re game, get in touch below, and let us know you’ll be coming to Village Evenings. We’d love to get in touch beforehand, and meet you as you come.

Catch you soon!